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(Java Parity) Flattening for bedrock


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    tryashtar commented
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    The fact that 1.11 contains IDs such as stone_slab4 is very strong evidence that this needs to be done very soon.

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    GruveXp ' commented
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    I don't even understand the commands for bedrock. The command system and block system is very bad, and you almost cant do anything with commands, and there is no /data to check for blockstates. The flattening and better command system is needed for bedrock. Until that is done, I will play on java edition.

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    HappyPastaz commented
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    Agreed. /give, /fill, /setblock and other commands are a pain to use in Bedrock because you need to constantly reference the Wiki in order to find the data values.

    I’d say Bedrock Edition has more children and teenagers in its demographic. Commands and command blocks are a simple form of coding, and Minecraft is a great opportunity for these users to get familiar with this skill, e.g. how syntax works.

    Unfortunately, commands being so unintuitive in Bedrock, a lot of users are discouraged from using them, because they would need to check additional documents while playing. 

    Bedrock needs a flattening as soon as possible.

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    Clarence Liow commented
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    Couldnt agree more. I am a veteran mcpe player (still play on my ipad) that left after mcpe 0.13. I recently came back after the update aquatic and decided to try the commands on mobile. The first two thing I thought were where on earth were the different planks and how do I get a specific spawn egg. 

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    BeeTeeKay64 commented
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    YES! It's hard for me to teach my friends /fill and /setblock when in order to get concrete powder there's no underscore, and when getting something like chiseled quartz, I believe you have to use "quartz_block 1" (I had to look that one up!), and don't even get me STARTED on spawn eggs! The Flattening will encourage others to learn commands better.

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    Steve Bryan commented
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    Flattening is planned on bedrock, but they havent announced a version

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    SweatyYeti20 commented
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    Yes. Please! As someone who played exclusively Bedrock for ages, the command system is so confusing. Bedrock is in desperate need of The Flattening. And soon.

    It is so difficult to do simple things like place a log facing a certain direction, and quite often the wiki about it was completely wrong. This needs to be implemented ASAP.