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Make Dogs Seperate Like Cats


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    Gostei da Idea cachorros no jogo seria bom.Deixar finalmente o lobo independente!Voto e aprovo essa Idea.!

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    Mc Rat commented

    As long as they are wild dogs. It'd be boring if both cats and dogs were found in villages

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    Daddy382 commented

    If you have cats in the game, you must have dogs. It's a rule. Otherwise it means you don't like dogs, and if you don't like dogs, you have no soul and no heart and are generally bad.

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    DVa DVotee commented

    I made an idea detailing this!

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    EggyPigeon8 commented

    Dogs should get 9 different sprites like cats they will also spawn in villages and chase cats and there would be new behaviors at night the dogs will bark if outside but if there are inside they will sleep next to your bed on the flor with a new animation like the cats and this is just a suggestion for fun sometimes they will roll over and ask you to give them a belly rub by crouching you will be able to give them a rub when they are satisfied they will emit the hearts particle

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    SonicwaveMC commented

    It might be interesting to have cats spawn in certain villages and dogs in others, depending on the biome.