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Phantom rebalancing


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    MrAppleSalad commented
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    I agree, phantoms right now are a broken early game nuisance when they could be such a cool and interesting mob. I like your idea of them only spawning after obtaining an elytra, but I think it would make sense for them to naturally fly around in the end islands (also giving a reason for the elytra to be there and making the islands much more challenging for being an end game area) and start appearing in the over world after you killed the enderdragon and opened the portal. They also need a major buff if they're going to be late game, maybe make them attack only when the player is looking away and chase them down with extreme speed when using an eltyra. They should be hard to exploit, requiring real skill to kill and obtain their loot, not sitting around and waiting for them to run into your sword.

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    Galiantus commented
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    I don't think they should only spawn once you get elytra, but they should definitely be more agressive and better at swooping on the player.