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Tame/ride pillager beast


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    Just to add to this I think once you tame it. it should start to kill the pillagers and the untamed beast.

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    Dan Burge commented

    you should be able to tame it, but make it REALLY difficult, like by feeding it diamonds or sponge or a dragon egg or something like that

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    I agree that it should be tamed that would be really cool

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    TaupeEye89 commented

    I really want to see this mob to be tameable, but once it should be a less powerful version from the snapshot ones. I feel like a fair way to tame one is to feed it any kind of meat as it charges at you to reduce it to a neutral state of aggression then you can proceed to tame it like a horse.

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    Too much.  Mod only, folks.  If you had the OP option to ride and control a 50 health beast with heavy knockback around, how would you naturally die again?  Once you tamed this, nothing could kill you, and survival mode will become too easy and boring.  The illager beast is meant to be somewhat a mini-boss monster, a hostile npc's pet.  Such high health and attack power aren't supposed to be handed over to the player to defy the mortality of survival.  Nor should the mob's power and independence of the player be brought down, so let's leave it at that.

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    Blancanales commented

    You should be able to tame the Ravager.  However, you should only be able to do this when they are baby Ravagers.  Baby Ravagers spawn around the Pillager outpost, but this is rare.  Baby Ravagers are fed special pillager food which makes them grow to be as big s they are during the a raid, thus when we tame the baby Ravager it never gets as big as what is achieved by the Pillagers and only gets a little bigger then a horse.  I think that's how this should be implemented.  It gives us, the players the ability to tame the beast but not have it over powered.  

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    I like this idea, but personally I think itd be cool if there was actually a naturally spawning variant of the ravager. As well as that, it would be cool to ride it, yeah. I guess to take away the idea of it being OP you could have these variants smaller, slower, and with only two bars of health. They would virtually be beefy horses, and would be neutral to hostile mobs. I do like the idea of a ravager being tameable tho, it sounds really cool.

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    OBEY CAT commented

    I actually would love this update.For example, when you tame the ravager, it will turn into a docile creature, maybe smaller and without the armor ( with a light grey color, or a light brown ) and you cannot attack with it's just an awesome feeling to ride and tame a beast !

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    michael cooke commented

    Treated like a horse but less jumpy. It can be fed beetroot to heal it and make it easier to tame. Feed it a pumpkin to fully restore it's health!