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(Feature Request) A wishlist button to add content to a wishlist

under review


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    alphawolfG commented
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    I agree, I saw a skin I wanted a while back but didn’t have the money. I still have no idea what it was called or which skin pack it was in. A wishlist would be useful

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    DeeBusyBee commented
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    I logged on here to suggest the same thing. Voted 

    It could increase sales and be helpful to people.  There is so much content to buy it's hard to remember things you want to buy later.

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    MiracleDrgn commented
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    Hey, I'm not the only one! With more and more content coming to the marketplace, a Wishlist would be a great feature to add to the marketplace!

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    Gabriel7550 commented
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    I'm surprised this hasn't been added yet, it is such an important feature in my opinion, it should have been included when the marketplace got released. It can also lead to more sales.