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Bundle Old Console Edition With Bedrock Edition


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    Netwin commented

    This is a good idea. And it may even push the Bedrock Edition as well. I have a few friends that have recently bought an Xbox. They don't have any interest in Minecraft at the moment. I would love to play it with them, but I prefer Minecraft: Xbox One Edition. For now I don't want to play the Bedrock Edition. If I want to play the Xbox One Edition with them they would have to buy it used on disc. Some of them only want to buy games digitally, some of them only want to buy games new or don't want to search physical stores for it. And there is also the risk that they buy the Bedrock Edition used on a disc. So for now I am not mentioning Minecraft at all to them. If the Xbox One Edition was bundled with the Bedrock Edition I would have recommended Minecraft to them. They then play the Xbox One Edition with me, try the Bedrock Edition and may prefer it. It could even be that they then motivate me to play the Bedrock Edition with them. And if not bundled, then why not included? Why not keep Minecraft: Xbox One Edition alive and make it a console specific game mode in the bedrock edition only available on consoles? 

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    TravelByTrain commented

    AntVenom (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK376qNDlNZZDNHsnaWuTeg) suggested this, good to see it's already here.