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Realm Control Panel Options.


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    I don't understand why I cant change all the options on my realm like a normal map. I have to download the world then edit the options then reload it again. Then if I want to turn off some options like tnt not exploding I have to redownload the map again. I would think a realm I pay for should be easier to configure.

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    it would be great to have additional options that can be implemented, here are some other good ones that should be able to be toggled from the control panel.

    coordinates(you can currently do this through commands though it should simply be a switch in the panel).

    locators on all maps(currently everyone with a locator map can see anyone else in the server the old way was much better, but should be able to toggle it).


    moderator/admin controls. give an option for moderators/admins in a realm to set difficulty.


    set world spawn coordinates.


    advanced world types such as superflat and the others.


    always night mode is currently cheats only, would be better to have an option in the panel with cheats off.


    temporarily ban players(as opposed to removing them from the realm)


    set a no griefing zone(an area that only moderators and admins can manipulate blocks(this should be a cheat one though))


    set a no pvp zone( distance from world spawn that you cannot attack other players)


    turn nether on/off


    turn end on/off


    turn custom skins on/off


    turn custom texture packs on/off


    turn mods on/off (force manila mode)


    set world border


    allow admins to add members


    expand members option(maybe pay to increase member size higher than 10)


    set a message for when entering a realm


    set a way to "view realm rules" in the menu