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Disable Item drops


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    RetroXZ / commented
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    hmm... u need to explain more, i mean does this gamerule affect droppers? i mean this gamerule would only prevent player from droping items or it would prevent items from exist?

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    Andre Chen commented
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    This is already possible with the current commands; we don't need a new gamerule.

    It's as simple as putting this command into a repeating command block in a constantly loaded chunk, or putting it in a function tagged in #minecraft:tick

    /execute as @e[type=item] run data merge entity @s {PickupDelay:0s}

    This makes it impossible to drop any time because you will instantly pick it up again. You can optimize it so that it only affects items that have the Age 0 (i.e. the only items that could have been recently dropped).

    /execute as @e[type=item,nbt={Age:0s}] run data merge entity @s {PickupDelay:0s}

    You can further make it more specific so that it only affects items of a specific type (I used stone as an example):

    /execute as @e[type=item,nbt={Age:0s,Item:{id:"minecraft:stone"}}] run data merge entity @s {PickupDelay:0s}

    or items with some other NBT tag (I used "items enchanted with Sharpness V" as an example here):

    /execute as @e[type=item,nbt={Age:0s,Item:{tag:{Enchantments:[{id:"minecraft:sharpness",lvl:5}]}}}] run data merge entity @s {PickupDelay:0s}

    You can see a full list of all the different NBT tags that an item could have here:


    Hope this helps!

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    Morro Morro commented
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