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(Category Change) Blocks, Tools, and Items split

under review


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    Appreciate this feedback! 

    I suspect the next category to undergo a split will likely be mobs, animals, and non-Humanoids, though - there's an awful lot of overlap in blocks, tools and items.

    We'll stick this one under review though for the moment until we figure out how to balance things out.

    (Edited today to note: Actually pretty happy with how Mobs, Animals, and Non-Humanoids is working out for the time being, so still interested in any "compelling case" that can be made for blocks, tools, and items.)

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    Geable Lence commented

    What about Decorative blocks (which would contain things like plants and items that are in the game for aesthetics only), Foods  (this would be both blocks like melons, and drops that are being requested which are for consumption, including potions), Tools (these would be items that when held can be used to interact with environment), Functional blocks (which would be for things like new ores, or blocks that can be interacted with for a purpose, like obtaining a drop)

    Sure there will be some overlap, but as it is now, no one can browse through the almost 3000 entries.

    I know that most of this could be solved if people used the search function, but many of the posts prove, people are not doing that.

    Maybe it would be good to have the search more predominant. Try to inspire people to search first, post later.

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    TravelByTrain commented

    I think blocks and items can go together, but not tools. Tools should be renamed to "tools, weapons, and armor"

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    FatalAcacia commented

    Yes Please!

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    Darti Sala commented

    I agree. This category is way to general and so we need a specification.

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    Darti Sala commented

    Also gameplay should change because it includes a whole lot of stuff like mob mechanics, natural causes, weapon mechanics etc.