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Ender/Nether Cat

needs info


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    I love kittys!

     And it is verry beuty idea.


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    Amari Polk commented
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    An ender cat could only be found in ender cities, possibly being the pets of the endermen? They would be able to teleport or even move by levitating from one place to another. The benefit of having one is possible to stop endermen from attacking you when you're within a certain block range of the cat, the cat can give you temporary night vision within range, the cat can grow into a big cat (like a panther) for you to mount and ride, or maybe it can be the only cat that will attack for you. They could be tamed via raw fish covered in chorus fruit juice. Or maybe, the endermen could be afraid of these cats as they eat some type of fish coated with the juices of ender eyes. But that may be morbid? I don't know.

    I think a hell hound would be much cooler than a cat for the nether. They could give you fire resistance when in range, maybe lead you towards the nearest nether fortress, morph into a larger hell hound for you to mount and ride, will deal fire damage when it attacks mobs (straight-up burning hostiles and immediately cooking passives), can swim through lava with no problems, or will be the only pet mob that can serve as a traveling light source (as in it can light up the area surrounding it almost like a torch but not really), They could be tamed with bones sprinkled with blaze powder. Yum.

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    Jack Passman commented
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    I love the kittys too and I like the idea of them getting bigger to where you can ride them.

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    logan.p.gregg commented
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    You took the idea from a book! A book! Have you ever heard about ebbs?!!