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Snow Golem: Projectile Equipping


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    Maybe instead of equipping snow golems, how about you make different types of golems? like a prismarine golem for the trident, I don’ know what a potion golem would be. As for arrows and fire charges, maybe a skeleton and magma golem? For fireworks, I also don’t know. Eggs? Maybe a... Chicken golem?

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    lDrac360l commented

    I like the idea of a magma golem. Maybe to make a projectile magma golem you would have to use a jackolantern. Otherwise it would be a melee magma golem, but would still set enemies on fire.

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    RetroXZ / commented

    your idea is good but its a little little little ridiculous, i mean a golem with fire charges is great but with trident... (quick idea: when you right click on a golem a menu like when you trading villagers would open. you can equip them with "throwables", they can have 5 inventory slots.)

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    lDrac360l commented

    I know it's silly. That was part of the reason I posted this idea. But I also want snow golems to have a proper use besides making more snowballs.