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    Cute pic!

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    Would they only attack creepers or every mob? I suggest that it attacks creepers and smaller mobs (parrots, siverfish, rabbits, babies)

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    I feel like this mob could be a good combination of ferrets, weasels, and gophers into one mob.  I think some additional characteristics should be that it attacks rabbits and parrots when untamed.  TheFriendlyPine, I am not sure about babies.  It would be kind of violent for ferrets to be slaughtering baby villagers.  Ferrets should also burrow like silverfish, but should leave a hole on the side of the block as the entrance.  They can enter and exit blocks at random, but have a higher chance of entering a block with a burrow in it.

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    Java Dragon commented

    I think it should have half the health of the player and be really fast! 

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    Java Dragon commented

    New idea for what it attacks: 

    • Rabbits
    • Creepers
    • Chickens

    Things it shouldn’t attack and why: 

    • Silverfish - those are gross, and they are here to disturb the player, not be onehitted by some ferret. 
    • Parrots - they fly!
    • Babies - too violent (@Bilbo Baggins)! 

    P. S. It shouldn’t matter if it’s tamed or not. 

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    @Henrik Mittelholzer

    I think it should not attack things if it’s tamed.  It would lead to the accidental destruction of many people’s chicken and rabbit farms, because they accidentally let their pet ferret in.

    Most creatures won’t attack creepers, because they would destroy the terrain if they did.  I would not like it if a creeper destroyed my house because I had a pet ferret.  However, I think it would be okay if ferrets behaved like cats in this situation, scaring creepers away instead.

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    Java Dragon commented

    Question: Why should they attack Creepers in the first place? They are small and weak. Even the strong wolves are scared of Creepers. 

    But Chickens and Rabbits and Fish! That would be better. 

    Also, @Bilbo Baggins, you shouldn’t build a chicken or rabbit (or fish?) farm with a ferret around. I think that it adds some depth into having a ferret. 

    Oh, and what if ferrets could fit under a slab, because they are only half a Block tall? 

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    How do you get pictures in your feedback

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    Bilbo Baggins commented


    You don’t.  It is not possible right now.

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    furrtwo commented

    PLEASE HAVE FERRETS IN MINECRAFT!! they are adorable, intelligent, curious pets who are really underrepresented and would be a good fit for the universe! They could have a tendency, like dolphins, to "play with" dropped items, but in ferrets case, they would grab them and run off with them! So cute, but naughty!