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Healing Golems


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    what about iron nuggets?

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    So people could just feed an almost broken chest plate to their golem to give it massive regen?

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    Java Dragon commented

    @TheFriendlyPine They are too small to heal. They would after correct mathematics heal the Golem by 0.33333333333...

    @Bilbo Baggins I didn’t think about that. Maybe you could only feed it unused armor? Do you have an idea?

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    I believe that having the iron block and ingots heal more or the pumpkin healing less would be better as pumpkins are easily farmed and iron is not.
    Another thing would be that the armour would likely need to only give a small amount since you could just give an almost broken chest-plate to the golem.

    (images work fine, no need to test. ~ nb)
    the test wasn't to see if images were possible btw

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    Java Dragon commented

    I took away the armor because of three reasons:  

    1. The armor caused some trouble with the durability. 

    2. If armor is taken into the list, swords, shears and everything else made of iron would have to go there too. 

    3. The game should make you choose what you want to do: Help your village’s Golem or help yourself. 

    Also, on Mitchell Abererd’s request, I changed the healing points of pumpkins. 

    Is this better? Please let me know what you think. 

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    Java Dragon commented

    Pretty much done by now, huh? At least for Iron Golems.