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Tree golem


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    Java Dragon commented
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    Interesting...would they have something special like snowgolems that throw snowballs?

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    Zamfield commented
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    And they could guard fields

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    And maybe they could have a special attack that vines grow up out of the ground and hold a mob there.  It should have orange eyes and it should jump thru the trees like a monkey.

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    B C commented
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    I love the idea, I almost posted it but realized someone else though of it. I came up with some rough drafts. I had to go off the iron golem template. So, he would probably be thinner, taller, and have a Groot-like head.

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    poo paky commented
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    i posted an other feedback "thing" and maybee this is an fine addition to this post as well?


    Trees but they look a little bit different and when you punch them they will attack (so basicly a neutral mob) you and they will drop a treeheart that is a block and if you put oakwood in a t-form (like wither and iron golems) and you put the treeheart in the middle with a pumpkin on top it wil be a treegolem wich isnt as strong as a iron golem but can do 2-3 hearts in damage this is a friendly mob off course

    RIP it got deleted :(