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How can we improve the existing moving creatures of Minecraft? Show us your coolest fantasy creatures. We are very interested in ideas that are unique and not just lists of mobs - spamming lists of animal names is spam and violates our posting guidelines. Be sure to check the Previously Considered Suggestion page (no sharks, MINECON Vote rejected monsters) before you post!


Huntable Mobs


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    Reekyu commented
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    The mobs should be very quick to run away if they hear noise. Aswell as have critical points on their bodies so you would have to make a head shot or theyll be able to run. Double food and Leather would be good with huntable mobs aswell. Normal minecraft wild life is too easy to kill. I want the game to feel survival when i play survival

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    mike78504 commented
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    Deer (Forest)

    Raindeer (Ice Plains)

    Antelope (Savanna)  

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    Animals do respawn, though I do see your point on hunting being kind of weird in Minecraft.

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    happyhair93 commented
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    Also turkeys