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Mobile dedicated servers creation


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    LateLag commented
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    They already said that doing it with a phone causes a lot of problems.
    As Matt Gartzke said, "Don't do that"


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    Vasile716 commented
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    LucasWinston commented
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    Strongly disagree.

    You usually don't have the necessary performance on mobile devices to host a server. Yeah, you can join and play, but start walking around and try interacting with the environment. You'll notice huge delays. I don't see what the point of having mobile dedicated servers would even be. Everyone walking on this planet has easy access to acquiring a computer. So just go out and buy one. Or you could like try using Pocketmine, although I don't think they support the recent versions anymore.


    As in response to Vasile716:

    Great choice of words. I couldn't have possibly come up with anything that would express this situation in a better way!

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    yasin yasin commented
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