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Convenient way to manage data packs on Realms


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    kcfromwi commented
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    Yes really any of the game settings. Sim distance. Cheats. Need parity on realm to adjust any setting you can local.








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    Yes. With all the new items being added to the game my resource packs are constantly being updated. And the only way I can update a 4MB pack on a realm is to download a 500MB world, re apply the new pack, and wait forever with a slow upload speed for the realm world to be replaced. Why not have the resource pack in a separate socket so I only need to upload 4MB. Or just have the resorce packs automatically update on the server.  :)


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    Charlieww commented
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    yess please

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    AxenimUwU commented
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    I feel they should also allow for plugin support

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    Plagiatus commented
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    OP, you should probably mention that you're talking about Java Realms, as some of the comments seem to suggest that they are talking about bedrock realms where things work differently. And they also seem to confuse resourcepacks with datapacks.

    But I second this suggestion. It would make usage and management of datapacks, which are getting more and more important in the community, much easier to deal with. This should probably include the possibilities to

    • add
    • remove
    • activate
    • deactivate

    the datapacks.


    And maybe it could even include good datapacks from the community, similar to how it includes good maps.

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    ashathe commented
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    absolutely. Its a shame this hasnt been done yet! I would use realms if it weren't for this problem.