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App for giving feedback

under review


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    Would it be a separate app, or something that hooks into the game itself? Let me know what you're thinking and we can investigate it here.


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    A separate app, so that it wouldn't take extra space on the device if you didn't want. In the game there could be a link whitch takes you on this site, and in the homepage of the site there would be a "shoutout" for the app.

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    lukeeey21 commented
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    Great idea. Feedback would be much easier with an app, and the game could even link straight to the app via intent and authenticate with the token that the game is already authenticated with which would mean you would be logged in if you clicked the feedback button in minecraft itself.

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    AL13NDR3W commented
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    A better idea. You wouldn't even need a real app. With web progressive apps, they could just make the website spit out notifications for things like replies/answers, and maybe a feed of "subscribed topics". That way it wouldn't take up space on a phone, a useless app wouldn't be made, and you'd get the functionality you want.