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Gopher tortoises


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    Bilbo Baggins commented
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    I feel like gopher tortoises are too obscure for Minecraft.  Things that would be great in Minecraft, but are too obscure or too overpowered should be made into mods, not updates.

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    I don't see much purpose with this mob besides being a variant/related mob to the turtle that would only achieve display purposes rather than reasonable function in vanilla Minecraft.

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    Ok, after my post not getting aprooval to get posted, I think this is the post that fits best my idea!

    I think that Tortoises should exist in general. Not only Gopher Tortoises, but depending on the biome there should be different spieces of Tortoises. I think they should be not just another turtle. Thats' why, it would be nice to have a bit more "character".After some thinkkng, I realised that my idea was, the mechanics of villagers(their schedule), of dolphins(they will need both sunlight and shade to live) and,surprisigly, of bees!(being able to dig and get inside blocks!). Also being able to get inside their shell when threatened.I also think that they should actually place their eggs inside the earth(if that's possible). Maybe,the Tortoise scute could be used tocreate even a new type of block!I think tortoises should also actually sleep at night, and their baby form should e exetremely vulnerable to anything that walks over them, unless they are hiding in grass :-) Also, they should also be bred using flowers.