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If you want to propose a change to an existing structure (like villages), or add something brand new in a current dimension or biome, this is the place.


(Underground) structures and caves


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    TheMcExplorer commented
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    Love the Hot Springs idea! We definitely need more lake variants.

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    Each of these should be their own post, as they're three very different ideas.  I like the idea of replacing gravel in the abandoned mineshaft ceiling with planks, as that would absolutely be something the miners would have shored up.  What are these skulls?  Are they existing mob heads (eg. skeleton) or are they new items?  If they are new items, do they have any purpose other than decoration?

    I don't particularly see a need for even more Stronghold rooms.  I also don't necessarily see the connection between there being a library and the stronghold being a habitation.  Libraries can be personal, but they can also be curated for a wider audience, either general or select.  In fact, libraries as large as are found in the strongholds are more likely to not be private libraries.  A higher endermen spawn rate is interesting.

    You should be able to keep hot spring water hot if you move it to a new place.  Maybe lava within three blocks of a source block of hot spring water keeps that water hot or heat up cooled water.


    (If this is at all based on my big Mythos series, all of the suggestions there were in the context of the new dimension suggestion and are very much interdependent.  Many of the suggestions are there as ideas to flesh out the general dimension suggestion as much as concrete sugestions in their own right.  These ideas are for the existing dimensions and most seem to be generally related at best.  Some do seem to be connected but ended up in different posts because of the sectioned nature of the site.  They should probably at least be divided up by the categories you already made.  I know it's hard to know where to break things up.)

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    Bilbo Baggins commented
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    I like the ideas of replacing gravel with wood (possibly with a support made from cobblestone walls), having Enderman spawn more frequently in strongholds, and a bedroom for the strongholds.  The skulls and silverfish seem a little unnecessary.

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    Interesting idea with hot springs and skulls along with increasing enderman spawn rate, would be helpful for farming.