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Collapsing Caves/Mineshafts


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    Nox cgt commented

    Yeah! Gravel should generate in cave ceilings more frequently.

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    I find gravel generates in the ceilings a lot, but I don't know if that's a difference between Java and Bedrock world generation (I play Bedrock).  I don't think there should be a new collapse mechanic, and I don't think gravel should be even more common in Bedrock.

    Remember that doing things underground is more than just caving and mining.  Some people build their bases underground, and that would be very much disrupted by a random "cave-in" mechanic.

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    Nox cgt commented

    @ClayGoddessSari It seems like gravel does generate in the cave ceilings much more often in Bedrock Edition. I couldn't find anything about it being intentional, but it should also be in Java Edition.

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    Xristos2847 commented

    I think you need to change mineshafts. You need to make them look more technolical and add a new kind of villager working at Mineshafts!

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    ACWavelength commented

    Or randomised areas of 'cracked stone' which becomes a gravity block when it touches a player.

    It would be broken slightly quicker than stone, and would have a chance of dropping as an item when it hits the cave floor.

    Only picked up using silk touch.