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Hippo mob


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    I was thinking it could be in the savanna biome

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    StodgyCross4 commented

    Cool mob idea, but it would work better in swamps and savannas.

    Also, would hippos be hostile? Since real life hippos are very aggressive, but I'm not sure if Mojang will accept the hippos being hostile or not.

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    Too obscure.

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    they would spawn in swamps and savannas. they should attack you if you have touched water around them within 15 blocks and should always be aggressive if they have a baby hippo with them

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    Hippogriff08 commented

    THIS! Love this idea. I think they should be able to gain your trust though, like the ocelots so they don’t run away or attack once they’ve gained your trust so you can actually swim with a hippo