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Different Variants Of Mobs For Different Biomes

needs info


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    Hi, can you explain what you're looking for this to do beyond cosmetic changes? Thanks, it will help us express your idea to the team in an actionable way.

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    Ok sure. They could have different drop items. The changes in the textures could allow them to blend in making it so you cant just hide in your base and shoot them till they die. Ones not in plains could try to hide in areas where you wont notice them then come out to attack you. 

    For drop items ones in swaps can drop:

    0-3 vines


    0-3 vines 0-2 cocoa beans and 0-3 sticks

    Snow Biomes

    1-3 snowballs and 0-2 sticks

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    Deer, bears, lions tigers, sharks alligators, crocodiles,Unicorn Pegasus or both different birds