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    I spy meerkats!

    Due to unrelated spam posts, this post has been closed for comments until the meerkats/meercats appear in a future snapshot or release.

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    Bilbo Baggins commented
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    Too obscure.

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    Congrats to lionmakerfan, and to fans of Meerkats!


    Bilbo:  Not obscure enough it would seem! :)


    I'm not sure what Meerkats could do in Minecraft.  I'm betting the developers have some ideas of their own.  However, I can't wait to see what they come up with for sounds. :3  Just listening to them on Youtube ... they are very very unique.

    They also eat insects:  Silverfish, Spiders, and Termites beware!

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    Mark Abernathy  - I didn't know that. Neat!

    On the plus side, now that we know what they eat, we can focus on other great things meerkats do in this thread, and hop over to the helpful termites thread started after MINECON to dig into the details of how termites work!

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    Thanks Nova!


    I think Meerkats also each a bunch of other things, but when I saw Insects on the wikipedia page  I thought it was a fun idea for minecraft insects to have a natural predator.  The only issue I can think of is that being in the Desert, they won't encounter Silverfish or Termites too often.


    (Perhaps if Meerkats spawned in both Desert and Savannah!)

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    Yeah they can eat insects anything bug on Minecraft

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    anshansh12 commented
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    make it so meer cats can be tamed

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    Furry4m63r commented
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    That would be so cute!!! I think that they should have collars too as a pet!

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    Gosh! I have so much to say! I was gonna request meerkats too you should be able to find meerkat burrows in the desert that are made of sandstone!

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    Guys! Guys! Imagine a meerkat cape

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    DracoGeek owo commented
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    Yassss they will be adorable

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    No one says much. Neither will I. But I think that would be great.

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    GamerXB1X1985 commented
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    Meercats should spawn in Savannah biomes as well as desert biomes , I have seen meercats in African Savannah documentary's .

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    MLG DOGE9999 commented
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    I think they should add this to Minecraft Pe IOS.

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    Armadillostar commented
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    If you could tame meercats what would they do for you, would they only attack certain mobs or what ever you attack like dogs?

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    LikaLarukuToo commented
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    Behavior: Stand on hind legs & bark like a dog at anything that flies.

    Food: Bugs, birds, eggs, lizards, rodents, & fruit, so from what's available, they'd eat parrots, turtle eggs, & berries. (Note that bats are not related to rodents).

    Location: Savanna. 

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    StormFire107 commented
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    I hope to later see meerkats :3


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    EpiclyLazy78 commented
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    I think if I spotted one I’d start fangirling then tame every single one I see. They should totally add this!

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    Meerkats. would add something living and moving to the deserts of minecraft, also please add foxes to minecraft bedrock, aka.. Minecraft for nintendo switch

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    EAT EM" wait we should be able to eat em

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    BA1MA commented
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    We need some more life in the dessert this would be great

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    Twiddle10000 commented
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    They also don't have many (or any) desert specific critters even though deserts are extremely common.

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    Ticklover9 commented
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    That sounds great!!! [ - :

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    It would add a nice addition to Minecraft, especially for the fields and plains biomes, but the one problem that mojang might face is the design and AI for this new mob.

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    Lizzard Jedi commented
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    I think a meerkat would be really cute and live in villages

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    This idea is too specific and useless. What would meerkats even do? I think that it would be a much better idea to add a mob that would actually add some life to the game instead of just being cute, like birds.

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    They shouldn't be tamable

    but maybe if you give it food it could lead you to a treasure or something like the dolphin but in land

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    Rivyn111 commented
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    Meerkats are undeniably adorable and most everyone loves them. They add character to savannas and scrublands and form little "mob" communities with intricate burrows into which a player might inadvertently stumble if the sandy scrub tunnel gives way. These social creatures are inherently curious and friendly, but if attacked, they will bark and the entire mob will bolt into their holes until the threat leaves the area. It would also be interesting if Minecraft introduced a natural predator of some sort, though perhaps it could be something as simple as untamed cats or a variant of the ocelot in the form of a jackal. They could also forage for chicken eggs that naturally drop since these passive mobs can easily be found in most biomes, including savannas. Aside from being incredibly cute with a dog-like barking noise, they stand on their hind legs and can even alert the player to potential dangers if tamed, or even help the player collect eggs. I for one, would have to name one Rocketdog! (Of course, in real life, a meerkat should never be kept as a pet because they are adapted to living in the wild with groups of their own kind and they can become aggressive to strangers, but in Minecraft, they could at least be tamable enough to be friendly to the player and no longer run away or emit a danger bark when approached.)

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    Finally a new savannah animal!

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    Would they be tame able???