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Custom Internal resolution screen (For bedrock).


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    user3423423 commented
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    This is really necessary, especially on mobile platforms. I’d love to play in a lower resolution to conserve my battery. Also consider adding a 30/20 fps option, to conserve battery even further. I wouldn’t use this, but some people might.

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    This should already be thing all it has to be is a simple slider in the video settings to change resolution. It should also be on both mobile, console and windows 10.

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    Anocs commented
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    The only solution I've found is to use tools and script:

    1. Configure Minecraft Bedrock to run in Full Screen 
    2. Change desktop resolution to required , eg. 720p (use NirSoft "nircmd")
    3. Start Minecraft Bedrock in Full Screen (use start shell in script to start UWP application)
    4. After closing Minecraft restore original resolution. (use NirSoft "nircmd" to detect closing the Minecraft and restore resolution)

    The shell script Minecraft.cmd:

    ECHO Set screen to 720p
    nircmdc.exe setdisplay 1280 720 32
    ECHO Starting Minecraft...
    nircmdc.exe wait 5000
    nircmdc.exe execmd "start shell:appsFolder\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe!App"
    ECHO Waiting for Minecraft end...
    nircmdc.exe wait 5000
    nircmdc.exe waitprocess Minecraft.Windows.exe
    ECHO Set screen to 1080p
    nircmdc.exe setdisplay 1920 1080 32
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    Smol bug5611 commented
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    Console versions could have a 720p, 900p and 1080p option. Switch version should be 900p by default to remove the dock mode performance stress so they can let the game use the regular performance mode in handheld instead of the lowest performance mode which it currently uses.

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    Gavin Martin commented
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    Ya, this could be really useful because my tablet is very slow with it and if I could turn down the resolution that would be a total game-changer.