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(Feedback Site) Voting On New Features

under review


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    Hi there!

    Are you looking for something in game, or on the website? Thanks! (The picture is pretty simple so we don't actually need it here, but I appreciate the thought!)

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    StarKittychu commented
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    Oh! I’m sorry. I didn’t put that in the post. Whoops! Well, I was thinking of in the website. I think the website is better beacause players that help by giving feedback should have the opportunity to vote for newest ideas for future updates!

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    I'm not sure how well something like this would work.  For one thing, what if all the ideas are good ones that people want to see, but the others are scrapped forever because they weren't chosen?  I think a good number of people are disappointed that the other mobs from the mob vote appear to be scrapped, especially the people who are disappointed in the Drowned and think the evil squid looking mob would have been a better underwater enemy.  (I'm not, I like the Drowned, but I still would have liked to see the other mobs be used as well)

    I think it's better to get direct feedback on individual ideas, rather than force people to choose one or the other.  Like, ask a question about a kind of feature that's being considered.  But even then, that might be a problem because the number of people who seem to always jump to the worst conclusion, rather than trust that things will be done right.  I don't know if the many of the "all water-related things will be ruined forever!!!!" posts after the aquatic update announcement that showed water flowing through fenceposts influenced the devs to have only source blocks interact with partial blocks, but that particular fear certainly never came to pass.