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Another way to detect scores


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    theogiraudet commented
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    scoreboard players operation temp Temp = @s speed

    scoreboard players operation @e speed -= temp Temp

    kill @e[score={speed=0}]

    scoreboard players operation @e speed += temp Temp

    It's a bit longer but functional ;)

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       Yes but this system needs to be a loop if there are many entities. The example I gave on the post isn't the best. Here is a better :

    A system that teleports bats with a score of "menthe" to the witch that has the same score of "menthe".

    Your system works but if the teleportation has to be very fast, it needs to be a loop. So a single command would be more effective and cause less lag, since minecraft doesn't have to execute 4 commands for each entitiy targeted by the command.

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    Shinobi2212 commented
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    Yeah a command like this except it's just it's own command like /scoreboard players compare @p obj1 @p obj2, this would compare two specified players/entitys, and if there values are the same the command block will activates (for conditional command chains or Redstone output)

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    On bedrock, an example for the command would be:

    /effect @a[scores={*OBJECTIVE NAME*=*VALUE*}]

    the words in * are custom (u have to do those, idk what u have)

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    Xbox MangoDog commented
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    I think it should keep original ".." to set up mix and max value.
    Just like "[scores={test="selector":"%%1".."selector":%%2"}]
    if "%%1" and "%%2" are the same person, the value is the same, too.

    (I can make scores ranking by this awa)