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More mushroom mobs

needs info


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    Evan Diaz commented

    Well I think that the mushroom chicken should be called a Cockadoodle-shroom or a Cluck-shroom for short

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    Yekul Ten commented

    Even, how a bout the mushroom chicken being called a shrooster, or a fungoose.

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    Hyrum Dickson commented

    I agree, but the Mooshroom biome is intended to be a place of rare refuge. Maybe it could be guarded by some rare mobs with cool drops(like a unique weapon etc... since islands are very rare), but once the mob is defeated, the island is forever safe.

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    LilWolfyWolf commented

    I like the general idea but disagree in regards to hostile enemies. The mushroom biome is really unique in that it’s a place entirely devoid of hostiles and I feel it should stay that way. That being said, the idea of more mushroom variant animals is definitely an appealing one — if someone can come up with enough punny names. It would also have to have enough of a purpose, it just wouldn’t sense to add them in otherwise. Maybe some sort of mushroom chicken that can lay special mushrooms that grow into trees or something or can maybe grow anywhere you place them? It could be a fun way for players to get a good supply of mushrooms going.