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Glass lines should be somewhat transparent


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    avnixmail commented
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    Yeah. This is why I usually use white stained glass in my builds, instead of regular glass; even though white stained glass is more opaque overall, I still prefer it because the contrast of the streaks in normal glass is just too much for me. Note that this is still a problem with the new textures; although the streaks have been removed, the bright white edges are still very garish, whereas with white stained glass even the edges are semitransparent.

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    Tom AP commented
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    Yeah, looking through windows is awkward with the lines in the center and grid-like patterns throughout the whole thing. If the borders disappeared when glass touched another glass block (leaving only a border around the edge), and there were either faint or no lines in the middle, I think glass would be much better aesthetically. 

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    Tacman215 commented
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    What's annoying is java already seems to have this! Either that or it's a resource pack that every youtuber uses on there

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    Errer1039 commented
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    it shode look like one 

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    Yeah, it doesn't look right when windows look like giant grids.

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    I agree, if there are multiple glass blocks together it should be one piece of glass.