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Changes to Chicken Eggs and Chicken Breeding


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    Goog Gooy commented
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    Finn Davey commented
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    I think the 5 min feature should stay

    A) Because it would be a pain to have to feed the chickens, then get them not to breed every time you wanted an egg.

    B) Because domestic chickens lay infertile eggs anyway

    I agree that chicken breeding should change to be like the turtles.

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    Deurogue commented
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    So I was about to submit my own idea where instead of the automatic egg laying, I was going to suggest that they only lay eggs when they are fed seeds and breed. This replaces the live birthing and reduces the number of chickens able to be bred whic is OP at the moment

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    CraftOnABox commented
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    This is a great idea

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    Great idea!