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Spider webs


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    I think this feature will be added but on a new or one Certain mob and if this is added they should make a cobweb animation for when it is thrown and when the blocks are made too

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    Mc Rat commented
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    Yeah, spiders really need a buff.

    When they shoot a spiderweb projectile at you, they should stop for a second.

    And the projectile should give a status effect that disables sprinting for about 5 seconds.

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    JoaoVSchiavon commented
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    I like the idea, these webs should disappear after a while to not infestate your base in the long run.

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    Wdomino commented
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    YES! Minecraft Dungeons shows Spiders shooting webs that completly freezes the character for a few seconds and I remember playing Minecraft the first time, me expecting the spiders would shoot webs but they just do melee attacks and tbh too many old mobs like zombies are just doing melee. Spiders especially should be a little more challenging that just hopping onto you.