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Your Wolf Sending A Item To Another Player /wolfsend (item) (player)


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    KopperXP commented

    I understood the idea, but the wolf would have to carry the chunks until he reached his destination, not to mention that he could find an ocean ... This may take a long time ... I do not know how they would do that ...

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    This seems good, but it shouldn't be a command. It could be used in normal game play but KopperXP is right.

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    And, you can just use /give...

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    Gonzalo Vargas is right, /give is easier.

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    MissingMatty commented

    Maybe not a command. Maybe you shift+right click the wolf then a menu pops up. there would be slots for items and then a player list. You would put the item in the slots then press the player you want to send the wolf to.

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    R Sangster commented

    You could make a Minecart railway and use a Minecart with Chest...

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    Matej Mráz commented

    and you can do it in survival just click on Wolf with shift and give him items and where to put them (also time to send show can be there)

    you mus localize chest with him (wolf) and then you can go to adventure

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    tanteturner commented

    It is a god idea but I wold make it possible for survival too

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    corbincam06 commented

    Do Parrots instead, since they can fly and whey back when we used pigeons, not dogs.

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    elgatolalo360 commented

    This should not be a command but rather an implementation in the AI ​​of the dogs, it is a very good idea hopefully and they will listen to you, it would be great if you wrote the coordinate And you will give the item to your dog and just go and when you get your or another player Clearly the dog after an animation of undertaking his adventure teleports to the location.

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    Pascal Anema commented

    What? Is this a joke? XD

    Sorry, I laughed so hard at this, would be awesome XD


    But eh, in all seriousness, you can already do this with existing commands ;)

    Just make a datapack for it (or a behaviour pack in bedrock) so you can even do it in survival:

    - throw item at wolf

    - add item to wolf's inventory

    - throw name_tag with name of player at wolf

    - tp wolf to player (match player name with name_tag-name)

    - drop item from wolf's inventory to target player


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    Herobrinus commented

    What would be good that if it just made the wolf walk for certain amount of time and then teleport him to the other player

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    amrtarek ct commented


    What about holding an item shift right-click on a wolf then a screen appears with all the online player's head & when you put the mouse cursor on the player's head you can see the player's name (like the "TP to player" ability in Hypixel server after death) & the head that u click on the wolf goes to & gives him the item

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    Is like foxes (in the votes appears foxes)but drops the item in a specific place?


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    BB6amer commented

    How about allow the adding of a chest to a wolf, and you can send wolves to players. The game would estimate how long it would take to go to that chunk, then teleport to it, finding the player

    This way it doesn't carry the chunks and also the wolf cant die from Skeletons shooting it, then getting distracted

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    Add it plz