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Mob spawning needs to be more balanced on Minecraft

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    Jay Wells commented

    We have a partial fix for this going out in the Beta:

    Tweaked Drowned despawning rules, to help prevent too many being present in the world

    • Drowned will now despawn if the following conditions are met: the player is at least 54 blocks away, the Drowned has not performed any actions in at least 30 seconds, and it is day time Beta changelog

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    Aspergerian commented

    Maybe this'll contribute as an option.

    A slider with three options.

    It can help maintain the framerate for weaker devices, and provide a challenge for stronger devices.

    Both for singleplayer and multiplayer.

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    @aspergerian doesn't difficulty already do that?

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    The problem is that all this is saying is, "make spawning like the Java edition." The community is upset about spawning on bedrock because it is different from Java, not well explained, and in general not functioning well.
    No one has even explained why it is different from Java. Vague statements about performance do not count. To improve spawning, start with something that works (Java) and then explain what needs improvement. Work on changing things from there instead of making something completely new that is unproven.
    This is the community's biggest issue. Spawning seems to have been changed without warning and without a clear goal. Most people would be ok with bedrock spawning being different from Java, but Java has had years of tweaking and improvements. That seems like a better place to start from rather than a completely new method.

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    Kevin ChiX commented

    The only problem I have is the drowned spawning too frequently but yeah they need to balance the mob spawning

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    • Slimes should spawn frequently in swamps and slime chunks.
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    @Aspergerian yeah that should be done. It be cool ✅

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    PCScreen commented

    Whatever is decided later please don't make it exactly like java. I feel like there's no challenge to finding food and mob farms are way too OP. Something in between the current system and java's system would be the ideal solution

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    x4738697x commented

    Why not add sheep when creating a new world? I created over 50 plus worlds in survival, it takes me approximately 30 minutes to find only one.

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    KopperXP commented

    A function to change the amount of mobs would be intriguing. BUT it would not help much if we still do not understand how all generational mechanics works. It could be something that is mirrored in Java, but with a configurable limit amount...

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    PublicSafety commented

    The major problem in Bedrock, is mobs don't despawn. So when they hit the mob cap in caves and other generated structures, people thing mob spawning is broken. whereas it is mobs despawning that is the problem.

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    Yes, add a slider in world options, that has three levels such as, low, medium, high mob spawning. As of 1.5.2, it is near impossible to make mob farms, which makes it difficult to progress in a survival world. The mob cap rules should be changed as well, Minecraft Bedrock should have an over world mob cap, and a hostile mob mob count.

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    KYLE GOEMPEL commented

    They should also add that cap where if there are more than a certain amount of entities in a space then the extra entities start taking damage and dying. This would help with a lot of mob farms.

    Also it is worth mentioning that hostile mobs should not spawn in well-lit areas. 

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    All that was left was to have the squids spawn in rivers, like the minecraft java edition.

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    I'm not sure why they changed the despawning mechanics from Java, where any hostile mob WILL despawn under the right conditions unless they have been named or are holding a picked up item.  It seems to work well, and would help with mobs taking up the mob cap and preventing others from spawning.

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    Ahmad Ilham commented

    Slime spawn

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    PlusZeadAlh commented

    There's 3 Options Of Mob Spawning Frequency
    Options 1 Low
    Options 2 Normal
    Option 3 High
    Now choose 3 Options Of Mob Spawning Frequency

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    I love that he thought about the appearance of a creature in the game because it is very annoying to start the game having to look for food and only find a damn cow

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    So, basically copy paste the java mechanics, i like it! However, with the current default simulation distance on bedrock, it would be kinda hard to implement.

    The current standard is 4 chunks around the player (64 blocks), and to make the java like mechanics and spawning work properly, we would need a standard of 8 chunks (128 blocks). Not a problem on pc, xbox or switch!

    Some modifications would need to be made for mobile devices, as some will only be able to handle 4 chunk simulation, but that shouldn't be too hard to work out! :D

    Also, please note, simulation distance and render distance are completely different. render just allows you to see further, while simulation is where the game is actually doing things in those chunks!

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    BlackDragonID commented

    Mob spawns should skew between biomes. These should be logical as possible to make them as intuitive as possible. Additionally, adding a few variants of certain mobs would really help thematically matching mobs to their biomes regardless of functionality.

    For example, in deserts, we could have a "Skeletal Zombies" spawn on the surface since it's all eroded away, but then underground we would find mummies (Hey, maybe they're zombies that drop paper xD) since Egyptians are commonly known for their body preservation. 

    I think one of the coolest examples of mob spawning has got to be Slimes. They're influenced by the phases of the moon! I really think that influencing mob spawns by using a healthy balance of both static (Biome/Temperature) and fluctuating (Weather/Moon Cycle) data would create a more engaging experience where exploration is rewarded with diversity, and game knowledge is rewarded with consistency. 

    I beleive those two factors are going to be key in finding success. Give those who explore interesting and diverse content, and those who want to get technical the consistency that they require to operate miraculous contraptions.

    PS: I like the idea of tracking player-interaction as a metric since it will provide a grace period in which players to rely on a mob not despawning for a purpose. However, I think there may be a fine line as it could cause a player to become frustrated at an abnormally incessant enemy. So exercise caution

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    BlackDragonID commented

    Also, add entity cramming.

    I know it's sort of a cheap thing people have been abusing to kill enemies very rapidly, but it exists to prevent my save-file from accidentally becoming unplayable.

    Just reduce its' damage significantly to discourage it as a primary kill method. It's only popular because it's so gosh darn fast.

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    The best part of Minecraft at the start was discovering things and experiencing things that only you experienced (or so you thought).

    It'd be amazing to feel this again, perhaps having 4-5 new mystery mobs, which are not heavily detailed or explained on the website, and it is up to the players to work it out in game. 

    Another twist could be that in each single player world you would only get one of type of mystery mobs spawning in that world.

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    I like the idea as a slider. I personally want the drowned spawning to stay, as lowering it would nerf trident and nautilus shell farms.

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    As stated before, and improve from there...

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    AngelUzi7 commented

    Make the guardians spawn inside of all the monument bounding box / guardian temple , they need to spawn frequently like java minecraft

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    Dolphins should require at least a 2x2x2 of water to spawn.  The dolphin in this screenshot spawned in nothing but singular lines of waterlogged fence gates and the one deep flowing water from those sources.  That kind of situation is going to happen only in a farm, and that is not where dolphins should be spawning.

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    we need slimes to spawn more frequently in chunks and swamps i was waiting for an hour and nothing spawned and it was a slime chunk at least 1 per 5 minutes and in swamps they should just spawn like regular mobs to make the game balanced and easier and less time consuming

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    PigCreeperXD commented

    Nice idea! They also need to make some mob farm possible like guardian, overworld mob, enderman farm etc. The most thing that upset me is guardian doesn't spawn like in java. I literally spend hours cleaning ocean monument. Make them spawn in bubble column too.

    The lower Y axis in the end spawn more enderman.

    (Not related) Able to place block on bedrock ceiling in nether so we can make gold farm.

    Make the hostile and passive mob (naturally spawned, not breeded, nametag etc) despawn like 3 in game day because i noticed alot of animals outside my unloaded chunk.

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    StarrshipCS commented

    First off, a question: is this forum actually monitored by Bedrock staff or are we screaming into a void here?

    Second, I think Bedrock spawning is so broken that the devs should START by getting it figured out to mirror the Java version as closely as possible, and THEN we should be having conversations on how to tweak the logic.  As of now spawning is so broken that they don't even know how to fix it to make it like other existing version of the game and entertaining new ideas will only prolong that fix.

    To be clear, very much all about many of these ideas, I just want to see the priority issues handled first before they dive into wish lists.