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Creating items with Commands


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    Pe brito commented
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    /summon item x y z {Item: {id: "minecraft:apple", Count: 1b}}

    Summons one apple at x y z coordinates.

    Unfortunately it's not possible to clone items into the ground, but maybe with the upcoming /modifyitem command this would be somehow possible. That is, if the modifyitem command will actually come.

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    tintin10q commented
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    Woah they actually added /drop

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    Andre Chen commented
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    You can already do this using /loot, /summon, and /replaceitem.

    You can also clone items onto the ground by summoning an item entity with a placeholder item (e.g. stone), and the copying the NBT data from the player's SelectedItem tag onto the Item tag of the item entity.

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    This already exists in the form of summoning an item.  Use MCstacker summon item for an easy way to do this.