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    they are venomous


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    Yes please

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    Facts about the Platypus:

    • They are nocturnal.
    • They feed on sea life like crayfish and worms.
    • They are hunted by Owls, snakes, eagles and crocodiles.
    • They live in rivers, lakes and lagoons in forests around the eastern part of Australia.
    • They are venomous.
    • They are one of the few species of mammals that lay eggs.
    • They are semiaquatic.
    • They produce milk like sweat.
    Hopefully these encourage people to vote for this mob.
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    Walking source of omlettes. Lets say we cook the egg, milk it, and badaboom. Omlette Time!!! Too bad we can't make toast as well.... Mmm maybe with some butter made from milk (or cheese ???) Minecraft needs some more food and this guy might be a step that way

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    DocProc7551 commented
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    I would love this. They have so many uses and its unfortunate the post doesn’t exactly talk about them.

    1. Platypuses would be a source of eggs. They lay eggs of course.

    2. An ambient river mob. They would be the first mob to exclusively spawn in rivers.

    3. They have venomous spurs on their legs. This means that if attacked, they could poison the player (or something similar). They could be classified as a “defensive” mob like Pufferfish, or even neutral.

    4. Gives much more animal diversity to the game. Minecraft has very few animals outside of farm animals, and adding an Australian animal as well as a Monotreme (killing two birds with one stone) would just be awesome.

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    eLmo Co Llama commented
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    Tell everyone to vote this

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    gravaTTak commented
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    I have 2 options for their usage.

    1) You can pet it for binding to the boat for more speed.

    2) You can pet it for catching fish for you

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    platyjam commented
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    Yes! We need platypuses in minecraft! Maybe spawning in savana and jungle river biomes? Adding a new semi-aquatic mob would really improve the game, and rather than being a passive mob, maybe a neutral mob; if you attack it it stings/poisons you. They could be a very cute addition to the game and create burrow blocks, dirt blocks with holes through them that join up. These could be mined using silk touch (normal tools would just give dirt) to give burrow blocks which could be placed to create homes for platypuses. You could also breed them with fish or worms!
    Would love to see this ingame!

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    platyjam commented
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    Also as platypuses are under threat in the wild it would be good to raise awareness ingame