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Bring back the Killer Bunny


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    Jake Hughes commented

    How about it's ears they would take up the helmet slot but act like a iron helmet but has a 50% chance for a hostile mob to neutral upon being in range wolf will now be hostile no matter what unless they are already taimed

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    FireTrooper56 commented

    I say keep it as rare as it was and as terrifying. Minecraft is it's best because of it's rarest things.

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    PushedCoot46 commented

    And it drops a killer bunny pelt.  It can be a trophy like the dragon egg

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    Emil Miller commented

    I like the golden carrot idea. but I agree with FireTrooper56 about them being rare and dangerous.

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    DrekDeDark commented

    I'd love to see killer bunny back in the game, just like he was before. Rare and dangerous.

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    I think they should spawn when a rabbit is struck by lightning.

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    CypherXer0 commented

    The Killer Bunny was my favorite entity in minecraft java edition. I was heartbroken to find out i cant even spawn one in with commands in bedrock edition. My thought is to make it like the cookoos are in zelda.... if a player attacks more than 5 rabbits within a 10 minute time frame (player only kills with pistons or mob grinders dont count) it will spawn the killer bunny to avenge the fallen bunnies. i used to keep killer bunnies as pets in java, i just love the eyes on the latest model... soo cold but cute at the same time