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(Swamp) Leeches Should be Added to the Swamp Biome


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    wizkid744 commented
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    I like the idea of leeches, but I would put forward a couple of slight changes in the suggested game mechanics:

    - they spawn in both swamps and rivers in clumps of 4-16 (or whatever)

    - they are like skinny black silverfish and sit on blocks at the bottom of the body of water; when you are within 3 blocks on the same Y, they will all release and swarm towards you.

    - they latch onto one location (arms x2, legs x2, back/torso) and can't latch on if there is another one there. (They just randomly swim around you waiting to get an opportunity to latch on.)

    - after X ticks they drain 1/2 heart and drop off.

    - X would depend on armor at that location.

    - If you have a potion effect, it ends when you take leech damage.

    - they all drop off whenever you take non-leech damage.

    - dropped leeches will become fat (like silverfish) and half speed. They will drop to the bottom of the water block and rest for X ticks until they become skinny again and ready to feed... perhaps this is a breeding cycle and that leech splits onto an adjacent source block when it becomes skinny.

    - they don't do well out of water and will just take damage/die when they drop off in air.


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    I feel if it also drop leech teeth (they make weapons stronger when you add them to weapon) it would be a bunch cool I still voted thou

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    they should do 6 damage of health bar I love the idea it would make it perfect edition

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    Ero McDonald commented
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    Jesus Christ why?

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    Yes Minecraft really needs a parasite right now