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Post your suggestions for new skins, textures and worlds made by creators for availability in the Marketplace/Store. We cannot assist with purchase issues or bugs. We are not likely to implement Minecoins as an earned currency for Mini-games or an achievement.


Gifting system for content (was: Give as a gift to friends)

under review


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    This is actually a better way to gift than giving minecoins. If there is gifting minecoins hackers will start targeting accounts to resale minecoins, but it is way more trouble to resale skins, maps and texture packs.

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    Gundabadguy commented
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    Another idea is setting up a ‘family’ group where everyone in the group can share Minecoins and if someone purchases something everyone else gets it as well. 

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    R Gamer 123 commented
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    It would be great if we get a gifting system in the Marketplace similar to what Epic Games did with their Fortnite cosmetics store.

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    add hermitcraft maps pack 4 and 5 and 6 the 3 seasons and also add hermitcraft npc spawn egg i think everyone would love it 

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    I am a parent and assumed this feature already existed in Minecraft when I redeemed Minecraft Coins to my parent/primary account. However, when I bought a world map for my children to play (I have two children with separate accounts each but linked to "Family Sharing") neither child could play in the world?! Since Microsoft owns Mojang and Minecraft and MS has a family sharing feature, digital content in games should share as well! (the same way movies, music, etc. share) As suggested, there should definitely be a gifting feature as well and other games (e.g. Fortnite) already have similar features available. Thanks for considering.