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How can we improve the existing moving creatures of Minecraft? Show us your coolest fantasy creatures. We are very interested in ideas that are unique and not just lists of mobs!


Gray Seals

under review


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    StodgyCross4 commented

    LOL Aren't seals fish-eaters and do not eat kelp in real life? Other than that, I support seals in Minecraft.

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    I'll support it considering that they DON'T eat kelp and EAT FISH. Because (like 90% of sea creatures) they are actually carnivores. And can help me find buried treasure even out of water (without taking damage until after 3 MC days.

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    It be the best seal with the following a home on the beach

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    Sam Scott commented

    Seals would be great. They should be in icy biomes and beaches too. They could defend you in water better than wolves can, if you tame them with fish. And they maybe find junk on land? Like, they hang around and occasionally rarely spawn a random item near them if they're tame.

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    I agree because the icebergs , snowy and just ice spikes had no updates in the aquatic update and I'm building a zoo RN so it would be a great addition


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    Zquiove190 commented

    gray seals should be eaten by polar bears.

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    zontor879 commented

    I see a lot of "make this tameable, make that tameable" but what if you could get them to trust you like foxes, except they would also have a small variation in their skin to signify that they trust you (something with their eyes?) and they would still free roam but would occasionally do tricks in front of you and bring you small items from the ocean (fish, bottles, tripwire hooks etc.), I think this would give an incentive to find them so they don't end up as another polar bear.

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    i agree

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    polar bear food

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    i Agree.