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Add a unique type of mob for each existing biome.

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    This sort of variation never crossed my mind.  Could be nice, but first reading your title "Add a unique type of mob for each existing biome", I would think having more variants, or biome-exclusive replacements to passive mobs like cows and such would be better in making the biomes more unique and recognized in their character.  It doesn't always have to be done with a hostile biome variant to plenty of the monsters we already have.

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    MegaVSPrime commented

    Oh I am fully aware that I primarily focused on hostile mobs for this thread. I will update this suggestion once I have thought of new suggestions with non-hostile mobs. 

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    Even so, you'll probably want to make separate posts for those other mobs so they can be voted individually.  Even if the suggestion is generally about adding varieties of mobs, not everyone might agree and want to vote for a group of ideas mixed with stuff they might not want.

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    Dinorauria commented

    Okay how about a variant of creeper as well, one with stone skin called a "Fractal" that spawns deep enough underground? Or perhaps one called a "Inferno" that spawns in the nether and has a weaker explosion, but spreads a bunch of fire everywhere.

    Maybe a surface unique variant of spider "Tarantula" or simply a tropical spider that spawns in jungles. Perhaps the swamp unique skeletons could also spawn in rivers and be referred to as "Sunken (Skeleton)" to contrast the "Drowned (Zombies)"?

    Also cavern indigenous mobs spawning below y=36 or y=28 would be nice as well. Cave spiders, "Petrified" Skeletons, "Begotten" Zombies, etc.

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    I really like the idea of each biome having their own unique hostile mob, personally I would prefer that these new mobs be truly unique like the phantom instead of just variations on existing mobs but a mix of the two is also fine.

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    How 'bout special tame friendly mobs (until hit) in mooshroom biomes? they can look the same and be less of a nuisance. BTW, possibly biome - specific color creepers that color blocks instead of destroying blocks? just a fun little unlikely idea.

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    Grimm 2003 commented

    I had the same idea, Minecraft is awesome but there isn't really mob-biome diversity sure there certain structures you can only get in certain biomes but there are very few biome specific mobs, lets say there are crocodiles in a swamp and you can make a special armour only out of crocodile skin, that would make a swamp more special because you can only find a crocodile in a swamp.

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    Talangame commented

    So you guys added foxes and my thought is to have a boss fox that's hurts you when you get to close .


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    LeadWWE16 commented

    Creepers underground could be called cave crawlers and they would have like different ores on them and the ore on them depends on what ore they drop

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    It would be very interesting to have an aquatic variant of a spider based on a water strider which would be most commonly encountered in ocean biomes.it would glide quickly at the surface of the water and would give some sort of effect like short breathing or constriction when it attacks you ,wich makes you suffocate quicker underwater,  but it would also have a rare chance of dropping silk hairs wich can be added to a helmet trough the anvil ...which if worn would give the player infinate breathing under water ..but if this seems too overpowered it could have an enchantment bar (purple bar above the green bar)which would waste faster than the helmet and would require repairments/touch ups with more silk hair

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    DocProc64 commented

    I think we should keep the current mobs as they are but just add new ones. A couple off the top of my head are Sloths in the jungle, Aardvarks/Anteaters for the Savannahs for the new termite mounds, Crabs on beaches, Armadillos for the Mesas, Grizzly Bears for the Mega Taiga, Rattlesnakes for Deserts, Alligators for Swamp, Opossums for Dark Oak Forest, and some kind of Musk Oxen variant for Snowy Plains.

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    braeden gryga commented

    this would be too much for the game since the game would have too many mobs to deal with and how would caves work how would it work with mods biomes that have specific variants what would happen there 


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    Please read this.......
    Well since I was grade 8 I played minecraft and now i'm in the 1st year college I still play minecraft ! I just want to suggest to add a boss mob to make the game more exciting like hydra? Or skeleton king? A mutant creeper? Or herobrine! Please ..... I know that the game is challenging now! But how about! Add more some scary stuffs like ghost .... or a decapitated mobs ....... an under water skeletons, a fire hounds and add some boss in nether to make the nether more exciting like in terraria my dream is to make the the terraria looks 3d because of what the bosses terraria have! ... and I look to minecraft! And think! What if minecraft add some over powered boss to make the game long lasting and hard to go to end! Add more boss I repeatedly .... please add more boss mobs ! And it makes the game more scary and more exciting ;)

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    Shinsei commented

    Yes i would love to see some more hostile mobs in the game. I think varieties of already existing mobs is a good idea. Skeletons could use different arrow types. Spiders could have different debuffs like slowness, weakness, and maybe even blindness. A new type of witch that uses different types of potions like turtle master and wither. Blazes are like fire elementals, why not add frost elementals to ice spikes biomes? More types of golems, gold golem, or the rare emerald golem. Stuff like that

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    In my opinion, each biome should have its own unique apex predator. These predators spawn naturally and give a reason to explore each biome besides the typical stuff. This also gives each biome a reason to pay attention while traversing them.

    My most anticipated creature would be the Crocodile. 

    The crocodile is a 4 block long hostile mob that will remain most of the time in the water ( usually at the bottom). When a player reaches the circle radius of the Croc, it will leap 2 blocks forward and bite the player, losing half their health if they are at the very edge of the water, and only a quarter health if they are hit at the tip. Crocodiles are very fast swimmers that can outswim you if your traveling long distances without a boat. On land, Crocs are very slow but can still bite you for a quarter of your health if you get bit. With a boat, if you swim on top of a Croc, they have the ability to knock you out of the boat and turn it into an item you must pick up.

    Another user suggested this but its optional.

    Crocodiles drop Reptile Leather which can be used to make a new armor variant. It has a unique texture to it and has the same stats as chainmail, but can be crafted and worn. 

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     RepTilicuS RepTilicuS -

    Just FYI crocodiles aren't happening. :) I like where you're going though, so looking forward to your other ideas.