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A /freeze command

under review


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    JochCool commented

    Some of the things you listed as things to freeze (weather, crop growth, mob spawning) can already be turned off using gamerules (apart from crop growth if you're in Bedrock edition). I think that this is a better list of things you can freeze:

    • Entities
    • Blocks updating
    • Players (so they can't move or interact with the world, and you should probably also be able to choose which players get frozen)
    • Everything (even things not covered by the other things listed; it's as if the server isn't running at all)

    This is the command syntax that I would suggest:

    freeze (entities|blocks|players|everything) (on|off|toggle) [<duration>] [<affectedEntities>]

    I think that the duration argument should be in game ticks (1/20 of a second) rather than seconds, so we can be more specific about the timing. The affectedEntities argument is only used when freezing entities or players.

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    Doubletoad74 commented

    Why not just incorporate the TickrateChanger mod from modded Java Minecraft? It basically lets you do /freeze and /speed.

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    JulianAV8 commented

    I'm agree with JochCool it's better freeze entities than the time or in my perspective its better freeze players or other entitie and maybe freeze the camera to make cinematics and the player can't move the camera and body.

    What you think about it?

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    Captain Kcaz commented

    To freeze an entity: /data merge @e[type=creeper,limit=1,sort=nearest] {NoAI:1}

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    DeadlyGolemG commented

    For the Mobs I think you could just do /entitydata @e {NoAI:1}

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    I agree with JochCool

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    amrtarek ct commented

    /freeze enable

    to active the freezing


    /freeze disable

    to remove the freezing

    would be better?