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(Swamp) Will-o'-wisp


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    Ok, this is an interesting idea to make swamps more unique from other biomes.  But even if you're suggesting others to discuss drops and behaviors, you don't have a lot of ground support.  It's better that you think all this through before posting, rather than telling others to think things for you.

    I might think of something on this however, so have a vote anyways.

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    I thought I was opening up the idea to discussion so others can participate. I would think the drop would be a great segue into another idea. Perhaps some new light source block, or a light source for your helmet. The mob is unique that there could be many ideas for what the drop could do. I would love to hear what others say.

    If this post doesn’t get much traction then that’s fine. That’s the name of the game. But I still want to be supportive of anyone who wants to add to the idea.  If I wrote the post wrong I’m sorry.

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    If you switch the language to Shakespearean English blazes are called will-o-the-wisps.

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    **Sims has just entered the chat**

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    Amari Polk commented

    What if they have a 50-50 chance of leading you to some kind of cool loot/thing to aid you with a boss (like in Brave) vs. leading you to your death (like in the actual folklore). Maybe they can spawn in a light yellow but if you drink a specific potion or maybe offer it something like an orchid it will glow red or green to tell you if it will hurt or harm you.

    Will-o-wisps are also called fox-fires so really, they can look like glowing fox spirits too. Not just a floating ball. Either one would be very cool.