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Make parrots breedable

under review


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    Ela Jain commented

    NO, THAT  IS DUMB. there should be bird eggs

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    If them made nest out of branch and Grass
    Yeah new breed different parrots

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    Why? Then they would be like chickens. And by the way, chickens are both breedable and egg-hatchable.

    They could be like the turtles when they lay on their eggs over the sand, but instead over a nest.

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    kpietsch70 commented

    I just agree!

    I don't know why they've removed the breeding feature for parrots. It doesn't make any sense.

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    I agree, 

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    Puert0R0ck03 commented

    Make the parrots a little nest or home and whenever you breed them they’ll lay an egg just like how a turtle does. After a certain period of time they will hatch and boom another parrot.

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    They do come with you sometimes but you can't control when they get on or off.

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    I agree.

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    Puert0R0ck03 You are a genius! A craftable nest were they would put their eggs in, it would be awesome!
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    PotatoesRC00l commented

    You could feed them glistering melons, like how horses eat golden carrots.