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Crabs, lobsters, and crab traps.

under review


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    Any sealife added to the game is a huge YES. It gives the game such a magical feel that everyone loves. Crabs and lobsters would be a very cool addition to the game.


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    AND... they can dance to music disks.

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    ROBERTO8447 commented

    Seria ótimo,mais variedades de alimentos

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    bubbalips2 commented

    The recipe could also be:

    B= iron bars



    B S B

    S    B

    B S B

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    bubbalips2 commented

    when i started minecraft (update acwotic) i wondered why they didn't put crabs in  

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    bubbalips2 commented

    congratz for being under review!!!

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    IFieryGamerI commented

    Мне нравится эта идея, я бы очень хотел добавить крабов в игру!

    Вот моя идея изготовления крабовых ловушек:

    P - Доски любого типа
    n - железные куски
    B - железные прутки


    Приманку можно поставить, нажав на крабовую ловушку с едой или специальной приманкой, которая особенно подходит для крабов или морских существ.

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    BFG G commented

    Крабы больше игру дополняют, взаимо действия больше становится с миром!!

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    Crabs aww man

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    DireNiGaTiF commented

    Умаааааааааааааааааааааааааляю дабавти их, эта идея проста клас дабавти их 100%

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    Dvornieck007 commented

    КРАБЫЫЫ. Неужели, что очень скоро у нас в ванильном Майнкрупфе будут крабы, пингвины, пчелы, медузы? А и да ПОДПИСЫВАЙТЕСЬ НА ФУГУ ТВ И НА ПЯТЕРКУ ТОЖЕ!!!!

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    Fostik Pts commented

    Круто голосуйте за крабов

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    Recipe can be 8 iron bars and fishing rod in the middle

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    Z-stone slaps

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    И сделали бы так, что бы у ловушки была прочность и её можно было бы ставить как полноценный блок. А мясо с крабов бы выпадало только в случае, если краба в ловушку поймали.


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    it would be very pretty
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    Crab traps would be the same as real life.
    Its crafting could be: sticks in the corners, a wooden slab below, thread, and in the center algae or meat

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    que tal que con las pinsas de cangrejo se pueda craftear algo digamos como una sopa, herramientas como el cuchillo son algunas ideas que opinan

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    richRavioli commented

    it would also be neat to be able to get different items like in regular fishing or to be able to enchant the trap with lure or luck of the sea, anyway I'm voting for this

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    Mauro Games commented

    Idea:that are neutral and can be tamed with raw fish or salmon

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    wildchicken4 commented

    It should be lobster traps too!!!






    S.    R.   S

    W.   W.  W 

    To put the bobber on.








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    I think crabs should be mainly found next to the shore, but I think they could also be found on the sea floor, shipwrecks, and maybe rives, just not that common in those places.

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    Brandon Brody commented

    I absolutely love this idea. I hope they add it. Crab traps should be made with iron bars and since it could be pretty expensive early game should catch 4 crabs at a time. It should take just as long to fill as it does for a wheat crop to grow. There should be two types of crabs. The small red ones found on the beaches and then various colored ones that are bigger in the deep cold ocean biomes. Lobsters could be also found in deep oceans and they give more loot than beach crabs. Cooked crab meat should fill 2 bars of hunger per meat with the bigger ones giving 2 drops sometimes.

    This is such a great idea for increasing the ocean biomes

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    Nate H commented


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    Beaches need crabs

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    A recipe could be:

    S = Sticks

    W = Wood planks

    B = Iron bars

     S W S

     B B B    =     2    Crab cages?

    W W W   

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    Charles Jay commented

    Here's more information about crabs:


    • Beaches, infested sands, and ocean floors
    • Infested sands generate on beaches and ocean floors


    • 1 raw crab
    • 1 crab shell (A rare drop which can be used to brew the potion of Absorption)
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    Best idea, I always wanted ever since to have crabs in minecraft i wish they will put it on minecraft

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    Monstriss commented

    Recipe could actually use trap doors and fence posts.

    f = fence posts

    t= trap doors


    f       t       f

    f               f

    f       f       f 

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    Rhys Williams commented

    Awesome idea! I’d love to see crabs be able to walk on the side of blocks underwater! It would be cool to see them be able to scurry up the side of a block instead of swimming above it! They could also have the chance to be holding items in their claws like raw fish or maybe nautilus shells!