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Harder husks


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    Please proofread your posts, it's really hard to understand what you're saying when it's full of typoes =(

    I don't think husks need to be especially hard.  They are an interesting zombie variant for the desert and are unique because they give hunger when they hit you.  Zombie type mobs tend to be more of a threat en masse than individually, and the husks are no different.

    And no, I don't think the skeleton should be able to jump over holes.  A trench is a good subtle way of protecting your base against mobs for players who don't like big walls around everything.

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    Z DB commented
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    Sory am not english , and i didnt mean that skelingtons can jump over a trench a vas thinking just a one block hole

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    And what I mean by a trench is a one block wide trench.  Something that's easy enough to jump over, but the mobs can't navigate it because they don't jump.


    I think the beauty of the mobs is they're difficult to deal with when you don't know their mechanics, but they all have their weaknesses that can be exploited.  I don't think this game would be nearly as fun if they didn't have those weaknesses and were always a pain in the rear.