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    Arya Krysa commented

    That would be extremely useful to everyone, not just "lazy" people. Big commands would take up a lot less space and time.

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    MineGassy Macaronron commented

    That's why we have the functions

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    raity41 commented

    Having commands in separate command blocks makes it easier to find what commands need fixing and the order commands should go. (I think so anyways.)

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    tryashtar commented

    Yep, functions exist and can do this! :)

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    XkillerbotX130 commented

    I had that idea too! Looks like ya got me covered. It would help a lot for us lazy noobs. Ya vote my vote!

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    RadicalSinger12 commented


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    lohkdesgds commented

    You can do multiple functions, then make one calling each one in sequence, so then you can see it as "blocks" in one command in a block.



    then on each fx you put whatever you want and then call all of them in sequence on the all_fs.mcfunction one.

    (I doubt it would be easier than just creating a single file like any other programming language. Chunks of code is awesome. Create some files with some code and you're good to go)

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    patriciomartinmartini commented

    You can use Done Command Bloc Machines Generators! :)

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    knowmet commented

    you can already do that

    /summon minecraft:command_block_minecart ~ ~ ~ {Command:"/setblock ~ ~-1 ~ Minecraft:detector_rail"{,PassengerID:"minecraft:command_block_minecart"{command:"/summon minecraft:bat"}}

    I think it is something like that

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    CtrlAltCuteness commented

    In Bedrock, "/function" exists now making this suggestion fulfilled. 
    NOTE: You cannot use "conditional" tests, so to use some conditional mid-way, something like "/execute" is needed.

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    Hulunabc commented

    Good idea.

    I also suggest that multiple commands be a subcommand of one /execute.

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    TheLudGamr commented

    ... this is the mods and scripting section