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Phantom membrane and scute can be used for banner decorations


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    brenn boyer commented
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    membrane: divebombing phantom

    scute: turtle

    snowball: snowflakes

    sword: sword

    nautilus shell: spiral

    nether star: enchant effect on banner

    heart of the sea: small circle

    conduit: active conduit


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    AzaanDeen3473 commented
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    Maybe the membrane could make a wing design. (since it is used to repair elytras)

    Also the scute could make a turtle shell (from an above view)

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    Like the idea but the banner designs could be better and maybe not using conduits and nether stars for it. There are better uses for those items.

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    I like the turtle idea but I think a turtle shell design might get more use. Something like this:

    It can represent blocks viewed from the corner, a hive, hexs or be combined with other things to make window shapes and other designs.