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Slugs & Snails


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    Chipster70 commented

    Sea snails that drop purple dye.

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    DopeyLori commented

    Yes purple always

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    Arya Krysa commented


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    ShoatGeep commented

    They could be a nice way to farm slime balls since slimes arent really farmable.

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    Mc Rat commented

    I like the idea that snails would be somewhat rare, but can give you slime. So they're like a secondary source of slime if you can't find any Slimes.

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    Leopard Slugs too!

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    DrekDeDark commented

    I suggest adding a snail. This mob would appear during rain. would have a size of 3 × 3 × 6 pixels would resemble brown slime. He would be free, but he could move on the ground, wall and ceiling. He would have died from the water in the ocean biome and had 2 hearts. There would be a 5% chance of him dropping the slime ball.