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Adding The Siamese Fighting Fish aka. The Betta


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    Could you add a picture of what these fish look like in real life? I imagine most people, like myself, do not know what they look like. Also, tell us, what is its sad history?

    Having a fish be tamable is a silly idea but the fact that it can breathe out of water would make for an interesting new mechanic, which I do really like the sound of.

    Edit: that is a gorgeous fish, I love it

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    MuffinMaker28 commented

    I’ve searched it up and this is how that look:


    Go here if you wanna see.

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    MuffinMaker28 commented

    And also can we have a little more detail maybe about where they spawn and how they behiev please.

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    Arya Krysa commented

    That should be good, but if i'm still missing something please tell me.

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    What would betta scales be used for?