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Dyable chickens


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    Why?  There is a purpose to colorful sheep: infinite colored wool.  There doesn't seem to be much in Minecraft that is just for the sake of it.  They try to include some level of usefulness or purpose in every change they make.

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    should 'have' been

    not should 'of ' been

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    Ontvlambaar commented

    Animal cruelty! Nah, I dont think this suits a purpose, unless they drop colored feathers that are required in order to craft something (Indian headdress, lol?) 

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    We have parrots, don't we?  Could be a mod, just not a vanilla Minecraft thing.  What we should have are color variants like hens and cocks.

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    This is gonna get PETA on Mojangs butt🤣if they ever add this in